August 2017

August Morning Awards of Merit

Like summertime, our Small Works: August Morning show is coming to a close. Our artist members submitted fabulous works of art, many of which received awards of merit or went to new homes. We will be taking a closer look at the awarded works before the show ends tomorrow, August 11th. They may be small in size, but they are all spectacular works of art!

Joe Smith, Rome Skyline. Scratchboard, 8 x 6”

New Member Highlight: Safarani Sisters

The Safarani sisters are unique artist members at the Co|So gallery. Believing that two minds work better than one, twin sisters Farzaneh and Bahareh Safarani work together in collaboration to create their striking paintings and video art. The two sisters make dramatic compositions of themselves as the subjects to explore their sense of self in relation to the other.

Asleep, oil color on wood panel