February 2016

New Members Show 2016

The Copley Society is excited to present their new artists exhibit in the Upper Gallery. The Co|So Artists: New Members Show has much to offer in the way of genre, subject and medium.

Upon entering the gallery one is immediately impressed by the diversity of artistic styles. Large abstracted works hang comfortably next to small, color-rich landscapes; rigorous impasto is countered by stunning photographic detail. Sculpture, mixed media and even cut paper all mingle happily with those equally cherished, traditional subjects.

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope everyone received plenty of roses from their special someone! This beautiful arrangement in oil is called "Small Bouquet" by artist James Kubiatowicz. At only 6 x 8" in size, the piece is part of our current small works exhibition, "Chill Out," running until the third of April.