August 2016

Ship to Shore Spotlight

The works on display in the Upper Gallery embody a similar theme, Ship to Shore. Whether it is a nautical still life, a seascape, a salt-water marsh scene, or a summertime landscape, they embody the same motifs through various mediums, colors, sizes and the textures. Gary Davis, Doron Putka, and Don Dalton all thrive within their paintings to find extreme texture without overpowering the tone of their work.

An Aesthetic Vacation

When looking for a place to relax and cool off in the summer months, Ship to Shore at the Copley Society of Art provides visitors with an aesthetic vacation. Stepping into the Upper Gallery, as Molly Hamill puts it in her review of the show in Artscope, will “evoke a distinct and welcome sense of season.” Ann Trainor Domingue, Ellen Granter and Robin Herr each have painted waterfront landscapes that embody the theme of the show.