June 2017

Tall Ships Sailing in this Weekend

Tall Ships Sailing in this Weekend

This weekend, Sail Boston arrives along the waterfront, with ships hailing from all over the world. Over the next week, participating ships will be docked at various wharves and piers throughout the city with events free and open to the public.

At Sea, Co|So’s National Maritime Show, includes 32 pieces inspired by the vessels that visitors to the Sail Boston festivities can see in person throughout Boston.

The Journey of Anne Grandin's African Light

It was on safari in Tanzania in 2015 that Anne Grandin was struck by the vibrant sunsets and sunrises over the African plains. Every morning, Anne and her husband awoke at 6 AM to watch the sunrise over the plains, and then, at the end of the day, watched the light fade behind the acacia trees. Moved by these experiences, Anne began painting, keeping the memories of the influential trip alive through her artwork.

Katavi, acrylic, 48x36