March 2018

Art Inspires Art

For our current exhibition “In the Style Of,” our artist members looked to famous artists and artwork for inspiration. As a result, the artwork on display highlights influences from the likes of Edward Hopper, Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, and more! Today we are taking a closer look at some of the pieces that were made “in the style of” past artists.

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Spring Has Sprung at Co|So

Frigid temperatures, blizzards, and icy roads still abound in Boston. But despite the frost and snow, spring has officially begun! Here at the gallery, we have paintings that capture the quintessential feeling of the season, which feature blossoming flowers, bright colors, and newborn animals. If the cold weather has you down, then take a look at some of our springtime artwork to lift your spirits!

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Irish Connections at Co|So

This Saturday, the city of Boston will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday honoring the British missionary and patron saint of Ireland. To coincide with this Irish holiday, we are taking a look at the artwork in the gallery that connects to Ireland and the United Kingdom, Irish culture, and Boston’s Irish history!

Women's History Month: A Look at our Women Artist Members

In honor of Women’s History Month, today we will be looking at some of the influential women in Co|So’s history, as well as some of our distinguished women artist members. With a significant number of women artist members, including Copley Artists and Copley Masters, we are grateful to the women artists who continue to support the gallery and make incredible works of art.