February 2019

Lynette Shaw's Aerial Museum

Lynette Shaw has spent her entire career in Boston bringing art to unexpected environments with the goal to unify the human experience. Aerial Museum is Shaw’s newest installation made with this belief in mind, taking art into a contemporary venue that invites the viewer to engage.

Shaw summarizes the thesis of her show, noting that this exhibit was able to “[bring] fine art into an unlikely environment creating a maze of brilliant color that blends organic and industrial materials to start a conversation.”

Warm Up at Co|So

Referring to the weather this week as cold would be an understatement. The frigid polar vortex and snow squalls that swept through Boston chilled us to the bone and left us dreaming of warmer temperatures. However, in the depths of winter, the warmth of the summer sun can feel distant and unimaginable. The artists of Co|So are here to help with their portrayal of East Coast landscapes, full of liveliness and sunshine, to bring you closer to a genuine warm up.