May 2019

Nature Inspires the Solo Shows of Beatrice Dauge and Nicholas Read

The Upper Gallery and Back Bay Room have transformed into two distinct solo shows comprised of paintings that capture the grandeur of nature in unique view points and styles. From Beatrice Dauge’s abstract representations of the ocean, to Nicholas Read’s close-up depictions of the unparalleled rocky coastline of Maine, the gallery is full of one-of-a-kind paintings inspired by nature’s splendor that you won’t want to miss!

Fresh Views of Classic Scenes

This year the Copley Society of Art is celebrating 140 years of illustrious and vibrant history. To commemorate the historic accomplishments of Co|So, many artist members will be taking inspiration from prominent artworks of Boston when they participate in this year’s Fresh Paint. Here’s a look at a few fresh views of classic scenes you’ll find at this year’s Fresh Paint Auction and Gala on May 16th.