Upcoming Exhibition: Shaken and Stirred

The Copley Society of Art is gearing up for our upcoming show, Shaken and Stirred! This juried exhibition aims to showcase Copley members who work in a variety of mediums and subject matter. Additionally, four selected works have been awarded for their excellence: “North Shore” by Dan Dalton, “Yesterday” by Bobby Baker, “17 Cups” by Barney Levitt, and “Between the Sheets” by Laura Tryon Jennings.

First Prize: Don Dalton, CA, North Shore, Watercolor, 14x20 

This complex and subtly colored landscape captures the rush of waves on an overcast day in Mount Desert Island, Maine, providing a serene escape for the viewer to gaze into and enjoy the tranquility of the sounds of waves hitting the rocks.

Second Prize: Bobby Baker, CA, Yesterday, Photography, 36x36

This large scale print displays the photographer’s dream; a mixture of film cameras piled atop one another as a nod to the past of the medium. 

Third Prize: Barney Levitt, CM, 17 Cups, Oil on Panel, 13x25

This whimsical painting displays a delicate and colorful balance of fine tea cups, allowing for a brief escape from the complexity of reality into the ambience of charm and steadiness.


Juror's Choice: Laura Tyron Jennings, Between the Sheets, Oil on Linen, 32x42

The artist grasps a realistic perspective of the view from the head of their bed, allowing for contemplation of a calm watery landscape outside of the windows within the warmth of home. 

Make sure to come by the reception on Thursday, February 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30 to see these and other exquisite works of art!

By Courtney DiPasquale