Portrait Registry

Laura Tryon Jennings
Laura Tryon Jennings refers to her portrait paintings as “Essence Portraits” as the figures are set in a scene that represents their true personality and surroundings. Jennings meets with her clients in the environment they would like to be painted, so she can feel the atmosphere. It’s important for her to meet with her subjects to find out what’s really important to them and bring all of their energy and nuances into the painting. She works with her client to find how to represent their individuality and the feeling they want to create. The client and Jennings come up with creative ways to incorporate items representing people or pets not able to be in the painting. She takes several photographs of the figures in their environment and uses them as guides while painting the piece in her studio. Commissions typically take between three to six months, but can possibly accommodate something sooner depending on her schedule. On occasion, she will work from the client’s photograph depending on the content.