Portrait Registry

JoEllen Reinhardt
A portrait begins with the perfect pose or arrangement. Therefore, in the beginning, Reinhardt finds it important to spend time with her client to discuss their ideas and expectations. The artist is happy to work either from life or from a photograph. Working from life may take several sessions and she appreciates that not everyone has the time or ability to sit still. When working from a photo, Reinhardt prefers to take her own, if possible. Then she will sit with the client and together settle on a pose. The artist begins each portrait with a charcoal sketch which she transfers to a toned linen canvas. Using a pigment such as raw umber, she develops an under-painting. This is a vital stage for establishing correct values and composition. The next layer involves big shapes of color, void of details, which will be added in the final stages. Over the course of several days the form continues to develop as more layers of paint are added until she is satisfied. The duration may vary depending upon the complexity of the piece. The painting is left to cure. Finally, a coat of varnish is added unifying and bringing out the luster of the paint.