Hannah Cole Dahar

Cole Dahar
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When my son was born I found it challenging to carve out the time and space to paint. At about 3 years old my son started to climb into my lap and zoom his toys through my makeshift studio at the dining room table. It was he that metamorphosized a quick study of a pear into a rich visual allegory with his addition of some sticky sand and a frontend loader. Today it has evolved into a series of story paintings about the wondrous strange world as seen through the surrealistic lens of an adult translating and recreating the workings of a child’s mind at play. Each painting starts with great negotiation, bribery, and other assorted tactics as I “borrow” my son’s toys and combine them with objects from around the house that then create the allegories. It is not always a smooth process as compositional progress comes to a halt when the toy in the painting becomes my son’s most desired possession. Once wrestled back, Still life reconstruction is needed and the perspective has changed, much as motherhood changes one's perspectives on life. The cycle repeats itself, and more bribery and negotiations are needed to reach the conclusion of each story. With each allegorical painting I invite the viewer to step back and take a look with nostalgic eyes to the time when absurdity was logic and fantasy merged with fact; to create a logical explanation to the illogical juxtapositions of each vignette; to see the world as it was before they were taught to know better.

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