Morgan Davis

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J MORGAN DAVIS A native of Boston, MA, she has had a passion for drawing and painting since childhood. She has devoted most of her life developing her powers of intense analytical observation and has strengthened her artistic interpretative prowess by studying with various professional fine artists and fine art institutions throughout New England such as the Massachusetts College of Art where she began studying the principles of 18th century “glazes and scumbles” to achieve a greater sense of realism. In addition, she studied in a four year private apprenticeship from Fine Art Marine Master Painter Michael Keane at the Michael Keane Studio where she further studied the disciplines and techniques of The Hudson River and 18th century glazing in greater detail. Ms. Davis holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Eastern Nazarene College where she majored in Spanish Literature and presented for her degree, her thesis on "The History of Spanish Equestrian Painting". Ms. Davis has been featured in South Shore Living Magazine in the October 2018 issue as well as other publications. She is a member of the Quincy Art Association, the North River Art Society, the Duxbury Art Association, the Plymouth Art Guild, and the Cape Cod Art Association for a number of years and has received numerous awards for her work. She also currently maintains a studio in the E. T. Wright Building in Rockland where she is a member of the Fourth Floor Artist's co-op. Her work has been exhibited and commissioned on a number of occasions throughout Massachusetts.