Daniel Dempster, CA

Dempster, CA
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The gift of art, its challenge and responsibility in this age of information overload, is giving peace of mind. This is found in moments when we forget ourselves, lost in awe at the complexity of nature, for instance. By showing the spectacular in the mundane, from vast ocean skies to intimate tide pools, it has been my practice to share the wonder and appreciation of the coastal environment. By looking deeply we unknot our minds and learn to see again as in our youth, the magic of our surroundings. Regardless of medium, the same theme and intention threads its way through my drawing, painting and sculpture. I am interested in examining how our state of mind affects our perception, and how our perception affects our state of mind. My intention is to teach how to see, pointing out clarity and vastness regardless of scale. Dissolving oneself in the seeing, one's mind also becomes clear and vast, no different: free.

Selected Works