Joe Smith, CA

Smith, CA
I am an artist who works during the day as a forester. I have always enjoyed being out in the woods. I find a sense of peace and fulfillment there that inspires my art. I have a great love for and interest in trees and their incredible variety of shapes and textures. I get no greater thrill than stumbling upon a large, misshapen giant tree hidden deep in the woods. They seem to beg me to draw them. I am also inspired by the special places in my life; places I’ve lived in or traveled to, or where I’ve shared summer days with family and friends. Drawing these places is a way to for me to preserve the memories they hold. A few years ago I discovered Scratchbord® and fell in love with it. The surface is so much fun to work with and it suits my style so well. I have had such great results with it which inspires me to continue to try and push it further. In 2014 my scratchboard, Branches, was awarded Best in Show at the International Society of Scartchboard Artists Annual Exhibition, which is my biggest thrill, so far, of my artistic career. In addition to the Copley Society I am also a member of the Rockport Art Association, Gardner Area League of Artists and the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.
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