Abby Lammers, CM

Lammers, CM
For me, beauty lies in the simple and the ordinary, the everyday scenes and objects you pass by on a daily basis. I want the viewer to reconsider everyday life through my presentation of common objects and scenes. I try to portray a unique vision of my subjects, so that everyday life becomes a little less invisible. My work consists of representational still life and landscape, in both watercolor and acrylic, based in academic fundamentals and a realistic approach. Although the palette and color relationships, at times, push that definition somewhat. My strength is in design, along with a focus on simplicity. I like the contrast and tensions that occur when juxtaposing objects and shapes which at first thought may seem to be mismatched. By using a range of palettes, I can explore how color changes the appearance and relationships of objects to one another. I use eclectic combinations of color, form and asymmetrical composition to force the viewer to reconsider their perspective on the everyday.

Selected Works