Ann Densmore, CA

Densmore, CA
*About Me* *Ann Densmore*- For many years, I’ve developed ways to connect and listen to young children and bring out the best in them. That’s what I do both as a photographer and as a speech therapist. I work outside/inside to capture images in natural light. Both families and children enjoy the photo shoot and the “adventure” outdoors, at a pond, in the woods, in playgrounds and in other natural settings. I’ve spent over 25 years teaching young preschoolers with language delays to interact in play. I have a doctorate in education, a specialty in children’s discourse, and a masters in human development and psychology. I know how to make connections with children and their families. The camera becomes a part of our relationship. I also work inside/outside with young preschoolers at their day care or school settings. Parents love to see their child in play with peers, climbing a slide, swinging on a swing, or jumping off a log. These memories in photographs are treasures for years. I also photograph natural settings, a seashore, a harbor, a young girl hoping to catch a fish. I’ve studied photography at Maine Media with Alison Shaw and Peter Ralston. My great grandfather was a Maine Clipper ship artist, my father a sculptor, and my mother a painter. I have had several c-prints accepted in juried shows.
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