Daniel Dempster, CA

Dempster, CA
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My new website link is "http://www.DempsterContemporary.Art" thanks!

"When we look closely, subject and scale become irrelevant. Seeing past concept and category, the conceptual boundaries between artist and subject dissolve. Freed from self-absorption, the mind opens to clarity, vastness and awe. The gift of an artist is that whatever is created in this selfless state is imbued with it. Through such work, the curious and receptive are able to share this state of contemplation. It is this intention, authenticity and capability which artists cultivate, viewers find compelling and discerning collectors seek. My vocation is teaching how to see. I do this by pointing out the spectacular in the mundane, the awesome beauty that surrounds us always, if we were but to open our eyes and mind." - Dan Dempster CA, "http://www.DempsterContemporary.Art"

Selected Works