Edwina Caci, CA

Caci, CA
Edwina has been drawn to art ever since she was a school girl in London. She used to draw portraits of her classmates on her exercise book in school when she should have been paying attention. When she got into High School, her art teacher told her she was going to be an artist and art teacher someday. Well, her art teacher was right. Edwina went on to the Hornsey School of Art in London for College, and has also taken courses in Boston when she arrived here decades ago. Since then she has painted many Celebrity Portraits including Liza Minelli which is currently in Ms. Minelli's private collection, Carl Yastrzemski which she presented to him on the field at Fenway Park, and actress Ruth Gordon. She has painted many Professional Portraits including the Cambridge Court Judges, Many politicians including William Delahunt (which hangs in the Dedham District Courthouse), 2 Quincy Mayors, an historical portrait for the City of Quincy of a Mayor from 100 years ago, Massachusetts Governor Edward J. King, and Many More. "When I paint a portrait, I try to capture the persons character, I want their personality to show through. It should be better than a photograph, I want the painting to be real, more dimensional than a flat photograph."
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