Frank Bartucca

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I create art to gain insight, and it is during the process of development that a photograph reveals itself to me. The photograph gradually unfolds through toning, lighting, and emphasis, akin to adding brushstrokes to a canvas. Development is my meditation upon an image. In the end I seek a sort of lyricism rather than meaning. A photograph is at once eulogy and a lament for the past. A number of years ago I started a theatre company. In theatre there is a constant interplay between text and subtext: interaction, amplification, opposition, diversity; a photograph embodies the same tension, the surface important in itself and also a window into some-thing beyond. I studied English Literature and Aesthetics as an undergraduate, and continued those studies to earn a Master’s Degree. Beyond the Master’s Degree I completed an additional two years of graduate work in the same disciplines. I completed a certificate course in commercial and fine arts photography at Boston University. Today I divide my time between photography and theatre. I teach photography at the New England School of Fine Art in Worcester. I act in, direct, and produce plays throughout eastern and central Massachusetts, but primarily in the Worcester area. My website is

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