Maria Luongo, CM

Luongo, CM
Having grown up and spent a great deal of time by the sea in New England, the sea came to have a strong influence on my work as an artist. My interest in the sea continued as I traveled extensively throughout Europe, spending time in Italy along the Mediterranean observing the beauty, power and mystery of the sea. My travels took me to Mexico where was I fortunate, not only to travel, but to live and work. It was while living in Mexico that my sculpture began to portray my interest in the sea. Mexico with its tremendous natural beauty and bold organic forms fascinated me and also became influential in my work. My sculptural forms combine both human and organic elements. The anthropomorphic element in my work has evolved into forms that are both figurative and cubist. Living in Mexico and visiting ancient sites there, Native American sites here, and other ancient places has greatly influenced my work. In some of my sculpture I have combined my photographs of these ancient places with my sculptures. My interest in ancient places is driven by a desire to return to the mystical wisdom of the past.

Selected Works