Mirela Kulovic

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Being born in Bosnia in the 1980s, and growing up in the Balkans in the early 1990s was challenging. The area wasn't the best place for an innocent child. On the one hand, there was the beauty of nature and freedom; on the other hand, there was political conflict and fear. These two opposing worlds had a big influence on me. I grew up very fast. From an early age, I was concerned with questions about human destiny. I discovered painting after getting my Master's degree in industrial engineering, and soon realized the importance of art. I started painting almost every day, and abandoned my engineering career. Painting became the most important thing in my life, and a tool for spiritual transformation and self-knowledge. Drawing is my primary artistic language, and I do it every day. I see it as a tool for penetration into deep spiritual experience. When I finish a drawing, it is more like I have discovered it. Its mysterious manifestation always surprises me. More info at mirelakulovic.com

Selected Works