Robert Pyle, CA

Pyle, CA
Although his formal education and profession are in systems engineering, he has always pursued his passion for photography and the arts. He has studied with such master photographers as Paul Caponigro, George Tice, Morley Bear, Tillman Crane, Craig Stevens, and John Sexton. He explored the history and aesthetics of the arts and photography at Harvard University and at Boston University with Carl Chiarenza and Carl Siembab. During his early studies of photographic techniques and aesthetics, he quickly realized that his aesthetic vision was best achieved with the larger-format cameras and the black-and-white image. With the modern development of smaller digital camera's that rival and even exceed the capability of large format cameras, he has pursued the development of this new technology the uses smaller cameras (making travel with camera gear much easer) and now creates platinum prints, one of the original print making techniques, that provide unique prints of his photographs and vision. His studies have given him a solid foundation in and appreciation for the aesthetic and technical aspects of photography, and the arts and have heightened his interest in the heritage and traditions of art and photography and the works of past and contemporary artists and photographers.
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