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Scott Matthew Crystal was born 1972 in Portland, Maine. He was involved in Gifted & Talented writing and visual arts programs during elementary and high school years and had his first exhibition of photographic sculptures and weavings as a teenager. Studies in fine art continued at Maine College of Art (previously Portland School of Art) and completed a BFA program after transferring to The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston with the academic coursework through Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Extensive and various 2-D and 3-D disciplines even include Plexiglas murals with vacuum blown acrylics, fiber optics with electric and kinetic light functions. Primarily he’s focused on sculpture in stone, wood, ceramics, and ice – including an award from The National Ice Carving Association while on a project for Disney’s Toy Story Ice Carving Competition. Ongoing developments of the “America and the Flag” socio-political photographic documentary project include 35mm SLR and 6x7, medium format SLR, DSLR in both black & white and color print formats. Although the human figure has always been the foremost object of consideration in Crystal’s drawings and sculptures; photography has encompassed a wider range of subjects. But regardless of the medium, the viewer is enabled to understand the imagery with a direct elegance that results from a sympathetic understanding of all subjects he captures. Through identifying closely with the imagery, the audience is able to create a context of comprehension guided by his visual expression. It is the style and the method of capturing each image, or rendering of drawings, and concept of sculptures that allows for the conveyance of deeper meanings. In his drawings, the style is expressionistic and the method of rendering is a classical derivative. The setting of figures in solitude and upon superfluous and imaginative backgrounds emphasizes an awareness of inner experience. The absence of portraiture and the lack of a complete figure allows freedom to the viewer when constructing or deconstructing the figure in their mind. The method of rendering by use of crosshatching on the foreground figures creates a classical, historic and linear appeal in the figures. In his photographs, the images are captured from a unique perspective that offers a new form of conceptualization amongst a classical focus to create a dynamic overall composition. Interpretation of each piece is left to the viewer however, some themes may be noticed: Omnipresent is a representation of the self, a reaching for enlightenment and an endeavor for the attainment of higher consciousness. Appreciation of the artistry begins when experiencing the interplay of contours; when reveling in the beauty of the roundness; or when exploring the soft lines of the images versus the contrast of foreground and background focal points; the intricacies of texture; the saturation of colors or even the absence thereof. If you allow yourself, the culmination of enjoyment is realized as a visually euphoric and scopophilic-like pleasure. Some recent exhibitions include: the Palacio de la Gobernación for the Conexión Dracula Residencia de Artistas 2013; "Urgency" - Embrace Art Exhibition 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon; Galería Manuel E. Amador, in the Universidad de Panama and the III Encuentro de Dibujo "El Desnudo” in 2015; The American Society of Panamá & the “2015 Grand Panamá Gala & Art Auction; “Recuerdas del futuro” at the Museo Regional De Veraguas in 2015; Mimic Art Gallery, NOCHE CHIC "Exposition of New Artists" at Villa Palma Boutique Hotel, Casco Viejo in 2015; Galería Manuel E. Amador, in the Universidad de Panama and the IV Encuentro de Dibujo “El Desnudo” in 2016; and included sculptures and figurative painting in a group exposition at Galería Mery Palma in the Sheraton Panamá Hotel. In September 2016, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series competition selected Scott’s sculpture entitled "Fist of Defiance" as an online winner. Also in September 2016, a group of 12 Photographs on canvas of Panama Imagery was purchased and put on display at Trump Ocean Club on the 13th floor. Most recent shows include “Las redes imaginaries” at the Museo Regional de Veraguas, in December of 2016. And in 2017, in Galería Manuel E. Amador, in the Universidad de Panama was the V Encuentro de Dibujo "El Desnudo 5.0”. Later in 2017 Published photographs and fine art were included in McGlory Fashion Magazine - MFM's "BOUDOIR DIARIES," Vol.10 Edition & MFM's "THE FIERCE WOMEN ISSUE," Vol. 2 Edition. At the beginning of 2018, Juxtaposition of images / Photo-Weavings was featured in “Artes Martes” and soon after in a group exhibition “De 20 a 100PRE” presented by Weil Art & INAC. During the close of 2018, 2 watercolors were selected for the International Watercolor Society traveling exhibition. In early 2019, a new bronze sculpture and a painting were featured in “Obras de 5D” which was a group show at Galeria Juan Manuel Cedeño.

Selected Works