April 2019

The “Then” of Fresh Paint

By Paige Roehrig on April 25, 2019

This year the Copley Society of Art is celebrating 140 years of illustrious and vibrant history. To commemorate the historic accomplishments of Co|So, many artist members will be taking inspiration from prominent artworks of Boston when they participate in this year’s Fresh Paint. While we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the finished plein air paintings, […]


5 Quick Questions with Chris Firger

By Paige Roehrig on April 18, 2019

Question 1: When did you decide that you wanted to be an artist? Honestly? Probably on a conference call with the marketing team at Subway. I should back up a little bit… Growing up I always painted. As a really young kid, I remember wanting to be a painter like my grandfather and uncle. In […]


Our Favorite Florals Since Fresh Paint

By Paige Roehrig on April 11, 2019

We’re celebrating spring in many ways here at the Copley Society! On April 29th we are hosting our ArtWeek event, Florals and Fresh Paint, at the Four Seasons with an interactive bouquet demonstration from the experts at Winston Flowers. To get ready for the upcoming event we are revisiting the beautiful floral paintings that have […]


Spring – A Renewal

By Paige Roehrig on April 4, 2019

Spring is often regarded as a time for renewal, growth, and expansion. Even though we can achieve these things any time of the year, there is something about the warm air and new growth that push us to take action and make change. Whether that be renewing your space through ritual spring cleaning or a […]