I’m an artist, how do I join?

Inquiring artists are encouraged to apply for membership - please click the "Join" tab on the top left of our website to find a preliminary application and detailed instructions. The Copley Society is America’s oldest nonprofit art association; we have more than 300 artist members. Preliminary applications are accepted year round. If approved, the applicant will be offered the opportunity to discuss his/her portfolio with a Gallery Staff Member. He/she will then be passed to the Membership Review Committee, a group of 10-12 of our artist members. These review sessions happen three times a year, generally, in January, June, and September.

What do CA and CM mean after an artist's name?

CA (Copley Artist) and CM (Copley Master) are markers of achievement within the Copley Society. An artist member earns Copley Artist status once they have been accepted to 5 juried shows. On top of that, a Copley Artist must then win 3 awards in juried shows to become a Copley Master.

Where can I find more information on a certain artist?

Please click on the "Artists" tab on our website to learn more about specific artists. The artist pages contain images of works and often a biography or artist statement.

How long do the Copley Society exhibitions run?

The exhibitions at the Copley Society run between four and six weeks upstairs and on a quarterly basis downstairs. Current, past, and future exhibitions can be found under the "Exhibitions" tab on our website.

What is the Portrait Registry / Sculpture Registry and how does it work?

The Copley Society of Art maintains a Portrait Registry featuring around 25 distinguished artists with a wealth of experience in portrait painting. The registry contains diversity in style, medium, and price range. Each artist will have a resume, a bio, and a price sheet, as well as several example images from which a client may gather a sense of the artist’s style. If any client is interested in commissioning a portrait or sculpture from one of our artists, please refer them to a staff member.

What is the Copley Society of Art? A co-op?

No, the artists do not own the gallery or run it, but our mission as a non-profit art organization is to promote our artist members, and give them a space in which to show their art and educate the community.

Who are your artist members?

Our artist members are juried into the society by a credentialed Membership Committee. They come from all over the world, though most are concentrated in the Northeast. We have different levels of membership, from student to associate to Copley Master.

What is your return policy for purchased art?

All sales at the gallery are final. If you would like to take a piece home on approval, that can be arranged with a Gallery staff member – we would need a valid credit card number, and pieces may be held offsite for no more than 24 hours, unless an exception is made by a staff member.

Do you ship artwork?

We do have shipping available. If you buy a piece from our website, the shipping fee will already be figured in the final cost. For all other transactions, contact a gallery staff member to coordinate details and payment.