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The Copley Society of Art, Co|So, is the oldest non-profit art association in the United States, with a history dating back to 1879.

The Copley Society of Art, Co|So, is the oldest non-profit arts association in the United States, with a history dating back to 1879.

We currently represent over 300 living artist members, ranging in experience from students to nationally-recognized artists and in style from traditional and academic realists to contemporary and abstract painters, photographers, and sculptors.

The gallery hosts between 15 and 20 exhibitions each year, including solo exhibitions, thematic group shows, juried competitions, and fundraising events.

Dedicated to the enjoyment of visual arts, the organization provides a platform for arts cultivation while engaging and educating the public. Artist membership is comprised of contemporary and traditional artists admitted by a credentialed committee.

Co|So supports artist members by offering venues for exhibiting and selling their artwork and awards special status to those who have achieved distinction. Membership is open to both artists and patrons whose combined contributions help support the educational and community outreach programs, essential to the organization’s mission since 1879. With our social media growing at a rapid pace, we offer support to our artist members by promoting their content with our engagement rate of nearly 15%.


Suzan W. Redgate Executive Director
Nina Mollo Gallery Coordinator
Austin Ickes Media Assistant

Board Of Governors

Theodore E. Charles President
Elaine Mangum Vice President
George Baxendale Treasurer
Kathy Scadden Secretary
Geoffrey Teale Chalmers Member at Large
Max Stern
Doug Adams

Committee Chairs

Tim Neill Chair of the Membership Committee
Jim Connelly Chair of the Art Committee

Art Consulting

The Copley Society staff can assist with corporate art selections.We represent over 300 artists with a wide range of styles and media from oil to photography, watercolor and scupture.

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The Copley Society of Art hosts a trimester internship program for qualified college students and recent graduates. The internships are unpaid, but provide a thorough and exciting introduction into the world of art galleries and non-profit associations. Applications are accepted year-round.

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Our Artists

Co|So is pleased to provide a list of artists who are members of the Copley Society. When contacting any artist, please cite the Copley Society as your source.

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