A Sneak Peek at the Summer Members Show

By Paige Roehrig on June 29, 2019

As Beatrice Dauge’s solo show comes to a close in the Upper Gallery we eagerly get ready for the next exhibition, ReVision, juried by Erin R. Corrales-Diaz, Curator of American Art at the Worcester Art Museum. The show will feature artworks ranging in styles from abstract to academic realism, and in mediums from watercolor to photography. ReVision will capture the diversity of our artist members’ work in an array of masterful pieces that we cannot wait for you to see.

Sandy O’Connor, CA, Moon Over the Dune, watercolor, 23.5” x 28”

Sandy O’Connor’s painting, Moon Over the Dune, captures an ancient tree beside a dune shack underneath an early fall morning sky. A tinge of fall color against the crystal blue sky provides further proof that a change of season has arrived in Nantucket Sound along with the Harvest Moon.

   The artist connects her painting to a quote from Wu-Men, “Spring comes with flowers, autumn with the moon, summer with the breeze, winter with snow.  When idle concerns don’t fill your thoughts, that’s your best season.”

Tanya Isaacson, Barbarella, oil on cradled panel, 12” x 12”

Tanya Isaacson’s artwork often draws inspiration from the human figure, predominately women. She is frequently drawn to portraiture, drama, theatrical lighting and conceptual work. These subjects influence her to create artwork that engages a viewer, draws them in, and provokes contemplation, as her unique oil portrait, Barbarella, does. Through these themes the artist creates an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. 

Roger Palframan, CA, Bantham I, photography, 33” x 20”

Roger Palframan, from the UK, currently lives and works in Boston. He focuses on creating images that are visually striking from the very first encounter, emphasizing shape, form, and line whilst simultaneously revealing subtle texture, depth and details that give insight into the subject. Palframan’s thematic focus is sustained in this depiction of beach-goers. The high saturation emphasizes the figures along the shore, allowing the eye to find patterns in the scattered array of forms.

Lori Mehta, Spread Your Wings, oil on cradled board, 17” x 21”

Light is a key element of Lori Mehta’s artistic inspiration. When light hits even the most ordinary object, it can beget beauty in an extraordinary way. In Spread Your Wings, Mehta captures a fleeting moment in time that encourages the viewer to feel as carefree as the subject with arms spread open to the ocean breeze, her shawl flowing in the wind behind her.


See the Summer Members Show: ReVision July 3rd through August 18th in the Upper Gallery at Co|So.