Awards of Merit in Small Works: Evolving

By Paige Roehrig on June 13, 2019

For each Small Works show, the Copley Society of Art recognizes exceptional pieces with Awards of Merit. Chosen by the Copley Society Art Committee, the outstanding small works are acknowledged based on the professionalism of presentation, technique, composition and style. Below are four of the ten works that were chosen to receive the award in Small Works: Evolving.

Oana Lauric, CA, Venetian Linens, acrylic, 8” x 8”

Oana Lauric’s inspiration for her unique architectural paintings stems from her academic studies of French architecture. The artist began her career as an architect, both in France and the United States. In 2001, Lauric became a professional painter, and is now known for her cityscapes and architectural subjects. Her paintings mix realism with abstraction and explores how environment impacts one’s persona.


Lori Mehta, Safety Orange, oil on board, 9” x 9”

In her relatable figurative oil paintings, Lori Mehta utilizes the technique of color blocking. In this painting, the artist channels the inner youth in all of us by depicting a child in his swimmers waiting to jump in the cool ocean waters. Often inspired by gestures and body language, Lori is fascinated by the way someone stands, how they hold their hands, or even tilt their head can say so much about their mood and personality.


Del-Bourree Bach, CM, Lunch Break, acrylic on panel, 11” x 13”

Contemporary realist Del-Bourree Bach often reflects on a theme of nature in his artwork. In the painting Lunch Break, the artist delicately depicts one of his great inspirations: the sea and the life in and around it. Nothing says summer quite like a day spent on the beach observing the everyday activities of its inhabitants. With this award, Bach became one of Co|So’s newest Copley Masters!


Ginny Zanger, CA, Irish Mist, watercolor, 12” x 16”

Ginny Zanger’s current practice alternates between painting and monoprinting. She loves innovating new techniques and learning how new materials function. Zanger came across the inspiration for this piece while on retreat at Anam Cara, overlooking the Beara Peninsula, a magical setting in County Cork, Ireland. She demonstrates her technical skills with watercolor through this depiction of a hazy green Irish landscape.


See these award-winning paintings along with six others at Co|So during Small Works: Evolving, on view now through August 18th.