Awards of Merit in Small Works: Fruition

By Paige Roehrig on January 17, 2019

The Copley Society of Art recognizes exceptional pieces from our Small Works shows with Awards of Merit. These works are chosen by the Copley Society’s Art Committee based on their professionalism of presentation, technique, composition, and style.

These works below are just some of the artworks chosen to receive awards in Small Works: Fruition.


Roger Palframan, Boston I, photograph, 13×13”

Roger Palframan, from the UK, currently lives and works in Boston. He focuses on creating images that are visually striking from the very first encounter, emphasizing shape, form, and line whilst simultaneously revealing subtle texture, depth and details that give insight into the subject. His photograph, Boston I, follows the artist’s themes of emphasizing negative space and revealing the subtle texture and depth of the cityscape.

Janine Robertson, CM, Salt Meadow, oil on aluminum, 11×14”

The luminosity of this delicately painted salt meadow is enhanced by the artist’s use of aluminum as her canvas. Janine Robertson’s inspiration for her work comes from the marshes and woodlands along New England shorelines. She often begins her paintings en plein air and then completes them in her studio, both allowing her to ensure a strong composition and explore the effect of light and time on the landscape.

Jeanne Rosier Smith, Snowbound, pastel, 12×12”

Jeanne Rosier Smith’s subjects are diverse, featuring landscapes, portraits, the sea, and still lifes of food. This beautifully rendered pastel landscape of a snow-covered backcountry road is one of three in Small Works: Fruition. She masterfully expresses the beauty of the world through this medium. In Jeanne’s words: “I love pastel because the rich, pure pigments allow vibrations of color and visual mixing impossible to capture in any other medium.”

Lori Mehta, Wait for Me!, oil on board, 10×12”

Lori Mehta utilizes the technique of color blocking in her relatable figurative oil paintings. In this painting, the artist channels the inner youth in all of us through a child in rain gear trudging behind his group and hollering “wait for me!”, unwilling to be the last one to arrive at the ocean. Though the artist’s artworks are often figurative, her favorite part of painting is when she is no longer thinking strictly figuratively, and she transitions to applying paint in long strokes to form intricate shapes.

Debra Keirce, Cityscape, acrylic, 11×9”

Debra Keirce delicately creates memorabilia from Chicago, painting The Windy City as a highly-desirable vacation destination. Using oil or acrylic paints, the artist composes her artwork in a tightly-rendered, realistic style. Debra Keirce’s work ranges in size from four feet long to just two inches. Part of her process for creating miniature fine art involves the use of magnifying lenses and close range binoculars.

Small Works: Fruition will be up through April 28th. We hope you get the chance to see all of these beautiful paintings!