Silhouette of a woman holding fabric behind her head.

A Look at Horizons

By admin on June 1, 2022

Written by: Vivian van Stolk

The Copley Society of Art looks to new horizons in this year’s Summer Members Show. Our artists exhibit a variety of interpretations in the form of horizons, indicating how they shape us through opportunity and looking ahead.  Inspiration came from many places here in Boston, from depictions of local fisherman, harbors, golden farmland, as well as abstract pieces and porcelain sculpture.

Lori Mehta, CA, Crosswind, oil, 19″ x 37″

This powerful piece allows the viewer to onlook the moment of clarity and release through anonymity of the figure. The feeling of freedom is enhanced with the translucency of the garment concealing and softening the identity of the figure. Both the viewer and figure witness the power and calmness of the ocean view. The cooler tones create a sense of serenity as the arms stretch out, almost religiously, signifying a poignant finale.

Mikel Wintermantel, CM, October Moodoil on copper, 15.5″ x 15.5″

Across this scenescape, you can almost hear the crickets in the tall grass and see the slight breeze across the water. The highlights and reflection create a magical scene full of secrets to be uncovered. The moon hovers on the horizon, and the sun is just behind, with its light glimpsing the trees in these precious moments. The scene feels surreal, giving the impression of some enchanting far-away place. Noticing new light and beauty each time, it is as believable as it is magical.

Oana Lauric, CA, City Sails, acrylic on canvas, 32″ x 32″

The smeared brushstrokes create an almost dreamlike piece. It captures the essence of the scene clearly, yet the more you look the more abstract it becomes. City Sails brings a new lens to the larger scene. It is not about the small details, but about layers and how these boats are a part of the city. As you look across the water, the sails reflect the water and morph into the view of trees and buildings to create this cityscape.

Barney Levitt, CM, Ascension, oil on canvas, 31″ x 25″

The crisp and articulate details of this piece reminded me of an illustration from Aesop’s fables. The storks and tortoise seemingly tell an ancient story. These travelers cross trek the beautiful landscape behind them, leading into the new adventures ahead of them. The bonsai tree giving great wisdom, the tortoise with grounding qualities, and the birds rising to the sky in ascension becomes a piece of symbolism and stories.

Meg McLean, Feathers Over Falmouth, oil on cradled panel, 19.5″ x 25.5″

This simple yet inviting painting creates depth and discrepancy between each level of the horizon. The clouds disperse and stretch outwards across the sky and contrast against the deep blue ocean pulling back into the horizon line. The lovely color scheme, stays consistent while also creating exciting new combinations. The beauty comes from the simplicity as the clouds, plants, sand and waves all meld together into an outward stretching scene.

The Summer Members Show: Horizons is up now through July 2nd! We hope you get a chance to stop by and view the exhibition in person or through our virtual viewing room.