By Austin Ickes on December 5, 2023

It is Giving Season, and the Copley Society of Art is a great place to give!

With just over 300 artist members, the Copley Society enthusiastically supports its artists, and strives to engage the public in the arts. With your assistance, we will continue to expand, collaborate, exhibit, and educate in the upcoming year.  

Raymond Gilbert, CA, Wildfire, mixed media


Since its establishment in 1879, the Copley Society has endeavored to provide a platform and camaraderie for our artists members by creating a space where they can cultivate their careers and make their mark upon the Boston arts community. There are 14 exhibitions planned in the new year, ranging from solo shows, small works, juried members exhibitions, and our annual national exhibition. Contributions to the Annual Appeal are essential to the quality of the continuing exhibition program.

Dianne Panarelli Miller, CM, detail of Breaking Through, oil


14 shows in one year is a great start but Co|So always strives to expand its footprint and meet the evolving needs of its community (aka YOU!). In the past year we have moved beyond the walls of the gallery, displaying and selling the work of our artist members at historic sites such as the Langham Hotel and Harbor Towers in downtown Boston. Our residency programs at the Cape Ann Museum and the Fine Arts Workshop in Provincetown provide an opportunity for artist members to increase their reach beyond Greater Boston. 


Thomas Darsney, detail of Hopper’s Chair, oil on canvas

Residencies allow our artist members to work freely, ultimately bringing that experience back to the gallery via studio demonstrations and artist talks! This is the spirit of Co|So’s founding and our core values of education. We recognize that any arts community is only as strong as the next generation of artists. That’s why Co|So actively engages with Boston’s vast student population, hosting groups for artist talks, and offering a unique track for student membership. When donating to the annual fund you become a steward of our city’s creative future.

Anna Diaz, detail of Multiverse, acrylic


In their essence, these values combine into our collaborative philosophy. Co|So has embodied this notion since its inception, being a joint effort between artist members, staff, contributors, patrons, and you! Credentialed artist members comprise both of our membership and art committees, and are therefore responsible for approving the year’s programming in addition to jurying our incoming applicants for membership. In 2023 Co|So launched “Emergence: Art from the MFA Boston Staff” a collaborative effort between the MFA and the Copley Society with the purpose of providing a platform for the artists working hard behind the scenes of our city’s premier Museum. This exhibition was such a success that it will be repeated in 2024!

With a history spanning well over a century, The Copley Society of Art remains committed to providing a space for emerging artists to flourish and to find a home for their work. Our mission of “promoting the interests of art in the city of Boston” has remained unwavering and is sustained through the generous support of patrons like you.

Please join us in celebrating the importance of the arts in our community. Any donation, no matter the size, truly makes a difference!

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