Color Infusion: The 2016 Summer Members’ Show

By admin on July 20, 2016

Currently on display in the Upper Gallery, Ship to Shore displays 34 art works, by 34 artists. The range in styles, from abstract to realistic is a driving force in this unique show. Instead of alienating each other, the pieces work together and embrace the theme of the show. Not only are there works that appeal to any taste, the combination of styles and techniques create a space where those who enter the gallery are able to find new styles to fall in love with.


Jack Morefield, Biddeford Pool, acrylic on canvas, 26 x 48 inches


When walking up the stairs into the Upper Gallery, visitors cannot help but notice the large work by Jack Morefield, “Biddeford Pool,” on their right. The size of the painting, 36 x 48in, would be enough to draw anyone’s attention, especially with its spot between smaller works. Morefield takes the visible Impressionist brushstroke one step further into abstraction; he fragments his piece with swirling strips of color that are outlined and carefully drawn out. The piece is composed entirely of these strips, which come together to create a marvelous image of the sun setting into the ocean. Morefield’s understanding of light, reflection and their relationship with water shines in this piece. His abstract technique still provides a cohesive and relatable image. The swirls seem to pull in colors from each of the works in the rest of the show, as if his painting is a glimmering combination of all the works surrounding it.


Matthew McCosco, Beacon Hill, watercolor, 16 x 20 inches

Further down the wall “Beacon Hill,” by Matthew McCosco, is a realistic watercolor triumph. McCosco is able to use his pallet to depict a picturesque view of a cobblestone street lined with brick town houses. The plentiful stones and bricks seem to pop off the canvas, and leave viewers wondering how he possibly could create such a detailed piece using this medium. His shadows are crisp, and the greenery and sky brighten the whole piece.


Robert Gibson, Daffodil Dreams, acrylic on canvas, 32 x 30 inches

“Daffodil Dreams,” by Robert Gibson, is completely realistic in technique yet imaginative and playful in layout and subject. While technically a still life, the painting is anything but still as one’s gaze is constantly moving around the whimsical acrylic painting. As one would guess from the title, the piece is centered on a bouquet of daffodils. Other subjects in the piece include a large shell that dwarfs the red pitcher on its right, a tropical plant, a marble and a small white ball. Light reflects off the pitcher, marble and shiny leaves of the plant, while casting a glow over the large shell.   The background of the piece is also floral, the objects could be leaning against a draped fabric, or it could be plucked straight from the artist’s imagination. This piece at first glance is realistic; yet upon further examination tip toes into being playfully abstract.


Ship to Shore has works that appeal to everyone’s taste. The plentiful styles work together as a cohesive portfolio that engulfs visitors in this summery secluded space. The abstract compliments the real, while city scenes compliment tranquil seascapes. All this and more are a part of the fabulous show, on display now at the Copley Society of Art.


By: Madeleine Gauthier