Co|So’s Winter Wonderland

By Paige Roehrig on December 6, 2018

What’s a New England December without flurries? As we move further in to December the expectation of snow becomes greater. Co|So’s Holiday Small Works show has many wintery artworks to help you get your fix of snow, despite the warm weather. From white Christmases to snowy sunsets in the marsh, the artists of Co|So are sure to put you in the cheery holiday spirit!

Jeanne Rosier Smith, CM, Frosty, pastel, 12” x 12”


Penny Billings, Marsh Sunset, Winter, oil, 11” x 17”

Snow in nature can bring on feelings of serenity, peace and calm as the heavy snowfall and frost render the landscape motionless. Jeanne Rosier Smith and Penny Billings both demonstrate these feelings of winter in their paintings pictured above, Frosty, and Sunset Marsh, Winter.


Marieluise Hutchinson, CM, Christmas Snow, oil, 10” x 8”


Mary Rose O’Connell, The Gatehouse, oil, 12” x 14”

Seeing snow surrounding homes makes us think of the warm, cozy interiors. Marieluise Hutchinson’s Christmas Snow brings hope for a white Christmas in Boston. Mary Rose O’Connell’s The Gatehouse is covered in heavy snow as it casts a shadow on the barren driveway.


Candace Lovely, CM, Boston Common Night Skaters, oil on linen, 14” x 16”

Paintings of winter activities also make their appearance in the Holiday Small Works Show. Candace Lovely paints a winter wonderland scene of skaters on the Boston Common Frog Pond.


Robin Herr, Snow Day, oil on canvas board, 12” x 21”

Mary Hughes, CA, First Frost, acrylic on canvas, 13” x 17”

Abstract paintings of the frosty season can also be seen at Co|So. Robin Herr’s Snow Day consists of scattered branches and twigs surrounded by snow in both the foreground and background. Mary Hughes’ pastel blue and purple organic forms remind us of the patterns seen on frosty mornings.


Holiday Small Works is up until December 23rd giving you plenty of time to see these beautiful winter scenes in person.