Ellen McGill: Contemporary Botanicals

Current Exhibition

Lower Gallery July 12 - August 17, 2024

You are invited to join the Copley Society for “Ellen McGill: Contemporary Botanicals” Co|So’s newest solo show from artist member, Ellen McGill.

Ellen’s body of work explores the intricacies of growing plant life from a unique and up-close perspective. Painted in pastel, the paintings are shown at a scale larger than life, drawing the viewer in towards the varied and layered detail present in every inch of their being. While depicted with great care given to realism, the vibrancy of the palettes and the magnified perspective, brings the subjects near the point of abstraction as complex forms overlap and interact with one another.

In this show Ellen McGill opens a window into a world we see around us every day but rarely have the opportunity to reflect upon with such reverence. So be sure to stop by the Copley Society’s lower gallery and become lost in the beauty of “Contemporary Botanicals”.