Sales Policies

All works accepted into exhibition or inventory at Co|So must be available for sale at a fair retail value, with the exception of commissioned portraits and works approved on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director. Artist commissions are based on the retail value as expressed on the Delivery Invoice. The gallery commission rate is 60% to the artist and 40% to Copley Society for regular gallery sales.

Once a work is submitted to the Copley Society for consideration by the jury, it is considered reserved for sale and exhibition by Co|So. Work submitted to the jury should not be sold by the artist or an agent outside of Co|So prior to or during the exhibition. Such sales are considered gallery sales and the full 40% commission is due to Co|So. The Gallery does not accept sold work for exhibition.

All works accepted for exhibition must remain in the gallery until the scheduled pick-up dates. Artists must inform gallery staff if they want their artwork to stay up for the entire juried or solo exhibition, as in select situations staff may make sold work available to a client before the closing date of the exhibition. Submissions to the quarterly Small Works exhibitions may be immediately removed from the gallery at the time of sale. At gallery staff discretion, works may be let out on approval by an interested client for up to 24 hours, after which it must return to the gallery.

The Copley Society of Art maintains a Patron Membership program that allows for a discount of up to 10% of the retail value on work purchased in the galleries. The artist receives a 60% commission on the discounted price, thus recognizing that the artist is guaranteed to receive only 54% of the original retail price (e.g., a piece retails for $1,000 and sells to a patron for $900, the artist receives $540). Any further sales negotiations are made only with the joint consent of the artist and the Executive Director.

The Copley Society of Art also offers a referral program for portraiture, commissions, and finished works of art. For all commissions, Co|So receives 30% or 40% of gross sales depending on the involvement of the gallery. Referrals to studios and artist-owned exhibition spaces for finished works are considered regular sales, and Co|So receives 40% of gross sales. Commissions resulting from Co|So exhibitions are subject to the 60% / 40% split. Commissions from the Co|So Portrait/Sculptor directories are subject to the 60% / 40% split. Referrals by Co|So to the artist are subject to a 70% / 30% split. Referrals to the artist from the Co|So website are subject to a 70% / 30% split.

Sold work becomes the property of the buyer, who is a client of the Copley Society of Art. All commissioned sales can be administered by the Copley Society of Art. All checks should be made out to the Copley Society of Art. Artist commission checks will be processed within 30 days of the close of the corresponding exhibition.


Privacy Policy

In respect to privacy, Co|So does not share any identifying information about buyers. Co|So may provide select information about an artist to clients, including their name, website, and information the artist included on their resume and artist statement. Co|So will not share an artist’s home address, phone number, or other personal information to any client.



The individual artist is responsible for attaching a fair retail value to each work of art brought into the gallery for exhibition or inventory. Prices should reflect the individual artist’s experience, marketing strategy, and sales history. The Executive Director is available for consultation regarding pricing and reserves the right to verify and make recommendations regarding an artist’s current market value. Co|So recommends pricing consistency across the board, from the artists’ studio, at galleries, their website, and abroad.


Framing and Presentation of Artwork

All works delivered to the Copley Society must be properly matted and framed for immediate hanging. Any piece that is gallery wrapped should look professionally finished prior to hanging. Works not ready for hanging upon delivery will not be shown. All frames must be ready to hang with screw eyes inserted and a wire attached, and properly labeled with ONLY the artist name, title, and retail price. The Copley Society will provide a provenance label to the client upon sale of artwork. Delivery Invoices are no longer required, but if the artist wishes to have one for their records, they may print out the Delivery Invoice form available on the Artist Login section of the website, or use a printed copy provided by the gallery. The copyright to all works submitted to the Copley Society must be owned by the artist and the Artist must have the right to grant the rights set forth below in the section below entitled “License to Reproduce Artwork.”


Delivery and Pick-up of Artwork

Each exhibition will have a minimum of two scheduled delivery dates and two scheduled pick-up dates. Delivery and pick-up times are the same as gallery hours. Co|So has no open parking facilities and cannot be responsible for double-parked or illegally parked vehicles. Artists should schedule their time appropriately to ensure the safe delivery of their work. Unless other arrangements are made with the gallery staff, all work must be brought in on the published days. Artwork can also be shipped to Co|So, provided it arrives on or slightly before the scheduled delivery dates. Artists need only bring a delivery invoice if information about their artwork has changed. Otherwise, the online submission form covers the necessary information.

If requested, Co|So will ship and return any unsold work at the end of the exhibition, at the artist’s expense. Members are responsible for the cost of shipping and for arranging the pick-up of works to be returned. Artists should confirm shipping arrangements with the gallery before the scheduled pick-up dates. Please note that unsold work cannot be removed from the gallery before the end of the exhibition, unless arranged with the gallery staff.


Insurance of Artwork

Due to rising insurance costs for all exhibitions and inventory, artists must promptly remove artwork on the scheduled dates. In case of conflict, the artist should contact a gallery representative well before the scheduled pick-up dates. Any pieces left in the gallery over one week past the scheduled pick-up dates will be subject to a $25 per week storage fee. The staff will take all precautions to care for any works in storage. All works consigned to the gallery are insured by the Copley Society with $1,000 deductible applied to any loss or damage incurred within the time frame of the exhibition and only until the scheduled pick-up date. The gallery is not liable for any artwork left in storage over 30 days after the designated pickup dates.