Highlights from the Copley Masters Show

By Michelle Musili on November 6, 2019

For the past month, the Copley Society of Art has had the Copley Masters show on view. The show is a collection of works from artists who have achieved the title of Copley Master by participating and receiving awards in various Co|So shows. The show features works from artists in multiple disciplines and is a testament to the diversity and variety in our artist members.

To achieve the title of Copley Master, each of these artists has been accepted into membership at Co|So and accepted into 5 juried shows (at which point they are deemed a Copley Artist). After this, they won 3 prizes in juried shows to become a Copley Master. The designation of Copley Master is recognized throughout New England as a signifier of artistic achievement.

Frank Corso, Beach Day, oil on canvas, 30×40”

Frank Corso has a diverse background, having been educated in architecture, design, and abstract painting. His work shows an incredible dedication to detail and realism. In this work, Corso uses the shoreline to draw the viewers’ attention further into this gorgeous piece.


Nancy Colella, Heat Wave, oil on canvas, 20×20”

Nancy Colella’s works feature simplified forms with a focus on shape and line. In Heat Wave, Colella employs oil sticks to create a work that is energetic and bright. The use of the oil sticks over separate forms gives the scene a sense of motion and life.


Richard Whitney, Evelyn, oil, 35×28”

Portraiture is one of the most long-standing forms of fine art. Richard Whitney creates an beautiful and incredibly detailed portrait using soft, blended brushstrokes. The work exudes warmth from the figure’s face and the warm background. Whitney captures the essense of the figure, an impressive feat.


Maria Luongo, Sea Dance, chrome-plated bronze, 12x10x6”

Maria Luongo is the only sculptor featured in this show, and one of the only sculptors to become a Copley Master. Sea Dance is a work that depicts movement and fluidity in a 3D form. Although she is working with metal, Luongo forms these figures to be fluid, and almost humanoid. The work seems to dance, much like the sea.


The Copley Masters show was a beautiful collection of masterful works from artists who have worked at their craft for years, if not decades. Thank you to all artists who participated:

Del-Bourre Bach, Leslie Baker, Joreen Benbenek, Mary Callahan, Nancy Colella, Frank Corso, Ellen Granter, Donna Hamil Talman, Suzanne Hodes, Marieluise Hutchinson, Debby Krim, Abby Lammers, Corolyn Latanision, Barney Levitt, Candace Lovely, Maria Luongo, Jon Allan Marshall, Matt Miller, Martha Munroe, Kat O’Connor, Dianne Panarelli Miller, Sergio Roffo, Jeanne Rosier Smith, Kate Sullivan, John Traynor, Sam Vokey, Richard Whitney, Mikel Wintermantel, Patricia Wright, Christopher Zhang