Inspired Residency

By Barbara Leiner on June 2, 2016

My residency fellowship was a gift to me creatively. What stood out was the time to think, paint, reflect and meet other creatives in the community. I attended life model sketching at the Provincetown museum 1-2 times a week. As a result, I met wonderful artists that I continue to communicate with. Having a month with a studio and housing gave me the luxury to work late into the night if I chose, and have a quiet place to think. There is nothing like the wonderment of unknown territory to awaken creativity. My Copley/FAWC residency fellowship was spectacular. I frequently woke up early, grabbed a cup of coffee at the Wired Puppy and made my way to Dog Beach awaiting sunrise. My senses heightened, cool damp sand between my toes, while glorious colors enveloped me as the sun rose. Having this opportunity to enhance my practice and discipline is something I carry with me daily.