Inspired Residency

By Ann Trainor Domingue, CA on June 2, 2016

The opportunity to spend time in one of my favorite locations in New England was an unexpected gift. To be up at dawn many mornings (without an alarm) to witness the early morning beauty of a sunrise over the bay was simply amazing. With no time constraints, nowhere to be but wherever I wanted to be, doing only whatever I wanted to do. Sitting doing nothing or exploring the dunes with my co-fellow Barbara, beachcombing, people-watching, gallery hopping, museum browsing, studying the wonderful quality of light at all times of day, discovering new artists’ work to ponder, and yes, working all day in the beautiful bright studio at the Fine Arts Work Center. I had the chance to work quite large—36×72 diptych for one painting—something my small barn studio cannot accommodate. The space to fill walls of new work, each one a work in progress, playing with my materials and design and color and texture. The pieces in this Fellows exhibit demonstrate my figuring out how to make my studio wall a work space for large work, and working with new ways to create surface texture on the canvas with scraps of fabric salvaged from my sister-in-law’s scrap fabric pile. I have always used coastal-related imagery in my paintings and Provincetown offered plenty of food for thought. Upon arriving home though I looked at my own surroundings with a different eye toward finding elements of it that were as inspiring as the coastline of Cape Cod. These works are a direct result of my learning to take risks and just do it, after all. No one is looking. This was by far the most important thing I have done in my life as an artist. Thank you Copley Society of Art.