New Member Highlights

By admin on January 12, 2017

Our New Members Show opens tonight with a reception from 5:30-7:30, where we proudly welcome the 21 newly accepted members into the gallery in 2016. This week’s blog highlights three new members and their pieces currently on display through February 9.

Caroline Rufo brings varying sizes of abstract painting to Co|So, seen in the Upper Gallery in her oil painting “Indigo Meandering.” Can’t get enough of her mesmerizing shapes and colors? She also has three small works on display as part of Co|So Artists’ Small Works: Shake it Up, on display in the Lower Gallery through April 6.

For the urban watercolor fans, Gary Tucker is sure to impress. Through the challenging medium, Tucker recreates beautiful urban scenes around Boston and beyond. This specific painting depicts a lovely scene around Brewer Fountain on Boston Common, where one can see the Back Bay skyline in the distance. The figures in the painting could be walking to and from work, or simply enjoying the Common with an outdoor stroll.

As the lone photographer in the New Member class of 2016, Ron Wybranowski has an eye for vivid images and colors. Wybranoski aims to encourage people to slow down and appreciate the beauty and magic of the world around them. His aim rights true with the bold blue and gold tones in “Golden Trees at Sunset” that add a sense of fantasy and imagination to a photograph taken from real life.

Please take a moment to visit our exhibition page for the New Members Show 2017 by following this link:

Congratulations to all who became Copley Society members in the past year:

Jacob Aguiar, David Campbell, Renee Caouette, Deborah Dendler, Nan Hass Feldman, Christopher Firger, Josephine Foote, Anna Kasabian, Connie Kolman, Mirela Kulovic, Paula Metcalf Lazar, Rose Leitner, Meg McLean, Paul Noel, Francis Noonan, Benjamin Patterson, Elliot Portman, Caroline Rufo, Richard Sullivan, Gary Tucker, Ron Wybranowski.