Portrait Registry

Debra Keirce
I spend about one third of my time painting portraits. I also enjoy painting still life and landscapes. I attend the Portrait Society of America conference every year, and this year I will be attending the FACE Figurative conference in November. I also regularly teach and I host other master artists to teach portrait workshops in my home studios. Several of my miniature art portraits have been recognized in international shows. I promote myself as a classical realist painter who creates still life, portrait and landscape art from 2 inches to 4 feet tall. Depending on the year, I paint approximately the same number of commissioned pieces in each category.

I prefer to work from photographs for portrait commissions. My pricing structure for portraits is the same for commissioned pieces of any subject. I do not charge by the body part. Rather, I charge by panel size. I include a custom frame of my choosing. If the client does not want me to frame the piece, we can discuss a small discount.