Matt Miller, CM


Matt Miller is absolutely fascinated by and loves painting people. His preference is to work from life without photographs, however in today’s busy world few people have the luxury to sit for multiple sessions to have a portrait done. As such, he will typically will meet with a client to discuss the desired setting, attire, and the mood of the painting (whether formal or casual pose, type of clothing, etc.). At this point the pose is finalized and the artist will take a number of reference photos, and if possible arrange for a live sitting to start and finish the painting. Once started, Matt will work with the photo until the painting is nearly complete and, in the end, arrange for a final sitting to finish the painting with the live person.
Matt paints in a direct style without any initial sketch, though he will send progress photos at 25, 50, and 75% completion. He typically works in his studio; however, he is happy to travel to the client’s home to work there if needed for live sittings. Additional details about the portrait are worked out with the sitter at this time.

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A 50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to commencement of the commission, with the final 50% due upon completion. There is a price increase for additional figures and for an elaborate background.





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