David Wells Roth


I have been working professionally in portraiture for the past 45 years since before I completed art school, being commissioned both in the USA and Europe. My major accomplishment to date is having been commissioned by the United States federal courts in both Boston and Puerto Rico to paint portraits of federal judges, as well as a local state judge. In Puerto Rico I have been commissioned to paint all of the federal judges in the district of Puerto Rico since Puerto Rico had become a United States possession in 1898. There are now 37 portraits. Aside from the judicial portraits, I have painted portraits in both the corporate and private sectors.

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14” x 11”: $4000
20” x 16”: $8,000
24” x 18”: $10,000
30” x 24”: $14,500
36” x 30”: $16,500
42” x 34”: $22,500
54” x 46”: $26,500