Tom Grady, CA


Portrait paintings are a great way to preserve a lasting image and memory of a family member, friend or business partner. They are one of a kind and will last long after a photograph has faded.

To make a portrait I work primarily from photographic reference. I can work from an existing photograph or schedule a photo session. Making some quick sketches and then taking a series of photographs the session might last 30-45 minutes. Working with the client we discuss the images taken and come to an agreement on the composition and specific photo that will be used as reference. The reference photos can be taken at my studio or at a client’s home or desired location depending on what type of background is needed. The portrait will take approximately 3-6 months to complete. This allows for the portrait to dry completely before it is delivered.

Pricing is based on several criteria that include the number of people or pets in the painting; how much of each subject is depicted, the size of the painting, the intricacy of clothing, jewelry and props, and the complexity of the background setting.

Travel expenses, framing costs, shipping fees and any state or city sales tax, where applicable, are additional. One third non-refundable deposit is required when the contract is signed. A second payment of one third is due at the mid-point. Balance is due when the portrait is complete.

The estimates below are based on approximately life sized, single figure, oil portraits, with simple tonal backgrounds. Posthumous portraits will require an additional fee of $500.

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Portraits life-size oil on canvas, cost per person in image with approximate sizes (unframed)
Head/cameo $750 14”x14”
Head, shoulders $1,700 18”x24”
Half-length/ torso $3,400 24”x36”
Half-length + hands $4,800 30”x40”
Three-quarters $6,500 36”x48”
Full length $9,600 48”x72”

Black and white charcoal on paper (unframed)
9”x12” $250
12”x18” $500
18”x24” $750