Ports of Call Award Winners

By admin on May 24, 2018

In every new small works exhibition, ten pieces are chosen to receive an award of merit. From still lifes to marine scenes, abstract to realist pieces, the awarded works represent our diverse range of artist members.

Lori Mehta, The Golden Hour, oil, 9 x 9,” SOLD

One of the figurative pieces to win an award of merit in “Ports of Call” is Lori Mehta’s The Golden Hour. Mehta’s painting of a girl on the sand is a pensive take on a day at the beach.

Dave Kaphammer, Harbor Highlights, pastel, 13 x 16”

New member Dave Kaphammer’s Harbor Highlights is one of the two pastel paintings to receive an award of merit in “Ports of Call.” The bending reflections, dancing highlights, and lush purple hues bring liveliness to this marine scene.

Del-Bourree Bach, Harbor Lights, acrylic on panel, 8 x 8,” SOLD

Copley Artist Del-Bourree Bach painted a stunning sunset over a harbor in his acrylic painting Harbor Highlights. The smallest painting to win an award of merit, Harbor Highlights shows off Bach’s ability to paint intricate details over a small surface.

Doron Putka, On the Danube, Long Ago, paper cut, 8 x 10”

Copley Artist Doron Putka makes collage work seem easy to create with her award-winning On the Danube, Long Ago. From the shape of the figures to the gradation of colors in the water, Putka pieced together a convincing depiction of a kayaking family.

 Joe Norris, Turn Starboard After Lighthouse, mixed media, 15 x 12”

Using materials like paint, ink, and found objects, Joe Norris’ Turn Starboard After Lighthouse exudes intense energy. In this piece, Norris contrasted shapes, colors, and lines to create a harmonious composition.

Hannah Cole Dahar, Golf is Work, oil on panel, 14 x 14”

Hannah Cole Dahar drops children’s toys in the middle of a golf course for her oil painting Golf is Work. Here, Dahar inserts plenty of cute and whimsical moments, from two elephants pushing a giant golf ball in a red wagon, to a little engine that thinks it can climb up a steep sand dune.

Joe Reardon, Paines Creek, photography, 12 x 16”

The only photograph to receive an award for “Ports of Call” is Copley Artist Joe Reardon’s Paines Creek. Intriguingly, the bold colors captured in horizon continue to radiate in the foreground.

Meg McLean, Go with the Flow, oil on panel, 12 x 12”

Meg McLean’s Go with the Flow features simple and deliberate brushstrokes that create an ethereal landscape. The highlights throughout the piece, such as in the grass and on the water, add dimension to the composition.

Anne Emerson, New York Yacht Club Coming In, Penobscot Bay, pastel, 11 x 14”

New member Anne Emerson won an award of merit for this pastel painting of a sailboat on the water. New York Yacht Club coming In, Penobscot Bay, captures a sailboat making a hard turn on a richly-painted sea.

Laura Tryon Jennings, Sea and My Shadow, oil on linen, 13 x 15”

For her still life painting Sea and My Shadow, Laura Tryon Jennings depicts a serene scene in which the ocean seems to beckon a seashell to the window.

You can see these award winners and the other small works in Small Works: Ports of Call, on view in the Lower Gallery through August 19th.


Banner Image: Lori Mehta, The Golden Hour, oil, 9 x 9,” SOLD