Down the tentacoil hole

Hurricanes, tornadoes, DNA, nautilus, snails, a chameleon’s tail, galaxies, several plants and flowers, your fingertips and hair. Spirals are everywhere to find in nature. This is a follow-up on my previous work with the Emergence exhibition about the multiverse where we coexist with other monochromatic beings in dimensions we can’t see. This piece is about black and white striped tentacle-shaped live forms entwined in a dance of shadow and light, reality and illusion and sanity and chaos, waiting for the song to end and not knowing which side of the road they’ll get us into if we decide to go down there.

SKU: 14022eb92374

Framed Dimensions: 16 x 20

Medium: Ink on smooth bristol paper

Artist: AnnaGaby Diaz

Exibition: Perspectives: Art from MFA Staff