Greenish Seascape

This east facing shoreline was rocky and the tide was rising fast. Rocky scenes have more interest than sand and water, so I wished I had gotten there sooner! Rather than work on the sky and water first as I typically would, I started right in on the rocks, before the water covered them.
The wet rocks were dark with deep green moss clinging to the undersides. The dry rocks right in front of me were paler shades of blue, gray and yellow. As for the sky and water, the mostly cloudy skies caused the water to look more gray than blue away to the north. To the south, the water was paler green and gray, a result of the sand and sunlight refracting in the water. Every few seconds a three or four foot breaker would hit the jetty and spill over.

Framed Dimensions: 9x12

Medium: oil on linen

Artist: Maureen Vezina

Exibition: Holiday Small Works 2016