Lifelines by Jeff Fioravanti

“They are marked throughout our time here on earth, each person, event, step we encounter, they are our lifelines. As we look back, we see that some are old and frayed, a memory of friendships that once had been. Others, solid, the interlocked steel, woven into the very fabric of our being. Still more harken to the distant ties and memories of family, some known, some not, our past, as time moves on, those ties start to rust and fade, eventually wiped away by time. Lifelines can also be our saving grace, like those tossed out to pull a sailor from an angry sea, or a person, there in the rain, summer heat, leaning against cold unforgiving concrete, drowning in the challenges of a life turned out wrong. My own lifelines encompass all these and others not noted, but mostly, my lifelines are there for all to see, in each stroke of color I put on paper or canvas, for each lifeline that has been tossed my way, that I have in turn offered others, each person who has crossed my path, significant or briefly, is found in each painting I create. The painting is my lifeline.”

SKU: b84d2afad9b7

Framed Dimensions: 20.5x24.5

Medium: pastel

Artist: Jeff Fioravanti

Exibition: New Members Show 2024