Morning Calm by the Memorial


“Morning Calm by the Memorial” is a serene acrylic painting on canvas depicting the Jefferson Memorial in early morning, surrounded by blossoming cherry trees. It measures 12″ x 24″. The artwork captures an enchanting landscape where the tranquility of early morning light sets the scene. In the foreground, a gentle body of water stretches across the canvas, mirroring the subtle hues of the dawn sky. On the left side of the painting, the iconic white dome of the Jefferson Memorial stands prominently, its architectural elegance highlighted by the soft illumination.

The right side of the composition is adorned with cherry blossoms in full bloom. Their delicate pink and white petals contrast beautifully against the darker green foliage of the surrounding trees. These blossoms not only add a splash of vibrant color to the scene but also enhance the overall sense of calm and reflection. The mirrored blossoms and subtle sky tones in the water create harmonious ripples that heighten the peaceful mood.

This painting resonates with a liminal atmosphere, capturing the fleeting moments of early morning light that foster contemplation and serenity. The artist’s sense of calmness is evident throughout the piece, making it a visual meditation that invites viewers to pause and immerse themselves in its tranquil beauty.

SKU: f206ca2d1a97

Framed Dimensions: 13" x 25"

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Artist: Doug Caves Sr.

Exibition: Small Works: Reflections