Artist Statement:

Through line, contrast, and form, my creations incorporate imagery inspired by the objects, concepts and uncertainties of our reality. Diverse landscapes of my memories, including the mountains of Northern New England as well as the linear urban and industrial environments of Boston and Montreal, all contribute to shaping the contours of my own inner world.

Through my creative process, I visualize both the collision and the osmosis of the inner and outer experience. Where does our subjective inner world end, and where does our objective outer world begin?

With illustration that integrates the natural and organic, the architectural and mathematical, and the psychological and mythical, I strive for the emergence of this surreal interchange of perception, memory, and fantasy.

SKU: 5e4e96269ef2

Framed Dimensions: 22 x 26

Medium: Pen & Ink (giclee)

Artist: Gabrielle Maye

Exibition: Perspectives: Art from MFA Staff