Springtime Swan Ride

Spring has popped in our Public Garden and becomes a riot of color. New fans ride our Swan Boats. I like to think these people are going to “Renoir’s Boating Party.” A mother strolls her baby in the path of an elderly man. #myolmsteadexperience.

Painted in an impressionist manner; painting plein aire brush strokes of color with value, hue and chroma. Building up whites to a surface know as “pie crust.” One needs to stand back and let the colors optically mix to appreciate the realism,. The further away you stand the more you see.

The Garden will steal your heart from the pink tulips at your toes, to the top of the flowering fruit trees over your head, while the middle ground becomes a mirrored reflection of Swan Lake. The Swan is the center of interest and everything else her stage. One of the most powerful gardens in the world.

Framed Dimensions: 30x40

Medium: oil on linen

Artist: Candace Whittemore Lovely, CM

Exibition: In the Style Of